Sleep or sex? It’s a tough choice, since both have their own unique benefits for the body.

So, which would Americans rather have?

A study conducted by the BSC — that’s the Better Sleep Council — found that 61 percent of Americans and 79 percent of females prefer to get a good night’s sleep over engaging in sexual activity.

According to Yahoo!, the survey found that 77 percent of the participants would give up something in order to get that elusive, quality, eight hours of shuteye. What would people sacrifice fora better night of sleep:

  • 31 percent would nix watching TV
  • 23 percent would give up computer activities
  • 16 percent of the participants would not exercise or go to church

Other surprising finds? Almost half of Americans fall asleep somewhere other than their own bed a least once per week, with 11 percent crashing out somewhere else every single day. Some nod off at work or in public.

BSC is helping to promote better sleeping habits with its “May Is Better Sleep Month” promotion, which includes the National Eight Hours in Bed Night. The campaign encourages people to critically assess their sleep habits and environment, and amend them to improve overall health. For more info on that campaign, go here.

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