It's the latest and biggest debate lately.  With another Presidential Election on the way this November, many states are contemplating enforcing a ruling that you MUST HAVE A VALID STATE ISSUED I.D. PRESENT WHEN VOTING in the year's Presidential Election.  New York HAS NOT adopted this policy.

In NYS you do need to pre-register in order to vote and that pre-registration MUST BE DONE BY OCT. 12, 2012...if not, YOU CAN'T VOTE.  You'll receive a Voter Registration Card but it's not necessary to have your Voter I.d card with you when you got to vote.  You do need Valid NYS I.D.  For more information call the Voter Info Hotline @ 1-800-367-8683 or visit the website at

Some say the states that are adopting the Voting Policy such that you must have a valid state issued, picture I.D. to vote, is to prevent Voter Fraud while others think it's a ploy to suppress minority, especially Minority voting.

Personally I think it's UTTERLY RIDICULOUS to think you shouldn't need a Valid State Issued Picture I.D. to vote.... OF COURSE YOU SHOULD!!!!!

Watch this video and tell us what you think: