Should local lawmakers get rid of the tolls on Grand Island altogether? Check out what they propose and vote!

Credit: WGRZ

According to WGRZ, there have been issues with the cashless toll system, including some drivers being overcharged late fees. New York State Senator Chris Jacobs wants to end the tolls on the Island altogether! He said, "The time is now and we're gonna keep fighting for it."

Another New York State Senator, Rob Ortt, said

"This was supposed to be easier. It was supposed to be better and I don't know if it's made it better. I think in some cases we've traded one set of problems for a whole other."

The New York State Thruway Authority says the fees are necessary to maintain the bridges, which generate about $20 million in revenue every year.

"What we see is that those bridges generate about $20 million a year in revenue and clearly it's not $20 million a year to upkeep those bridges. Most of that money is heading downstate to support other things,"

said Jacobs.

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