As summer begins to wind down and parents and students turn their thoughts to going back to school and with all that is going on with soon to be former school superintendent Dr. James A. Williams. Should the attention be refocused on the upcoming school year and how we can improve the environment, education, and future of our children?

Usually around this time of the year, parents begin to go out and over spend on school clothing and supplies for their children only to sometimes put themselves in debt. Sure there is the peer pressure that comes along with the first day of school and what students are wearing and comparing styles to each other while at school. Parents (and students for that matter) should keep in mind that going to school is not about having a fashion show, but about learning and getting an education. Parents should go through their child’s closet and find the clothes that are either like new or still in wearable condition.

But an even better solution would be to make uniforms mandatory attire in the Buffalo city schools. Uniforms would give every student an equal sense of confidence because they would not have to feel as though they are being compared or ridiculed by other students based on what they are wearing. Uniforms also bring an environment of uniformity to the student body and may even send a message of discipline as well because if every student sees themselves dressed alike they can begin to focus their attention on the tasks at hand which is learning.

What are your thoughts on Buffalo City Schools making uniform wearing mandatory with students?