Now if you watch real housewives of Atlanta you already know how ridiculous this sounds without even listening to the song.  But for those of you who dont you should know both SheeRee' and NeeNee are both middle aged women 40+.  THAT IS WAY TOO OLD TO BE RELEASING A DISS TRACK !!!!!!

What has Hip Hop done even middle aged women think instead of settling their differences in the old fashioned reality TV way (CURSING EACH OTHER OUT) or maybe even a skirmish to be broken up immedeatly by the show's producer.  Noooooooo she headed straight to the studio like she was 50 Cent.  This song is HORRIBLE some please tell  SheRee' to sit down, nobody wants to hear you rap welcome to the BIG DUMMY FILES !  She did it in true 40 + fashion NO CURSING lol.  Listen to this HOT MESS below