With Sheek Louch's highly-anticipated Def Jam debut Donnie G's artwork hitting the Internet this week, sources reached out to the L.O.X. member to find out what’s good with its primal influence.

Confirming the the leaked cover, Sheek explained his decision to portray himself as half-human and half-gorilla.

"That's some of the hottest artwork I've seen in a while," Sheek mentioned during an interview. "A lot of my people on Twitter were telling me that [too], all over online. It's definitely poster material. I could have just sat there and smiled for the camera, the regular playboy-type sh*t, you know what I'm saying? Nah, I didn't want that. I wanted to really take it there, you know, I'm always on that "Silverback Gorilla" thing. That's how I'm feeling, that picture right there is not to depict black people or none of that, it's just that I'm feeling real beastie right now. I'm in this jungle going hard at it. That's how I did it and they really brought that to life."

Last September the project's December 2010 release date was announced.

The Yonkers rapper will be dropping his first Def Jam album Donnie G on Dec. 7--his first major label project since Walk Witt Me, his solo debut on Universal. A third of gutter rap group The Lox, Sheek has recently been lighting up the Internet with leaks from his upcoming fifth solo album.