We are now at a point where it seems like everyone is all over the board when it comes to wearing masks in public or not. As students head back to school, mask mandates have been put back in place, which should help with some of these recent COVID-19 numbers. According to 2.erie.gov.com, The Erie County Department of Health has recently put out information that gives a grim look at how the numbers are rising again in Eire County. The week ending September 4th data shows that there have been over 1300 new cases of COVID-19, which is an increase of 22% from the previous week.

Where Are The Highest Numbers Of COVID-19 In Eire County?

Buffalo has 26% of the new cases, Clarence Center is also on the list of high COVID-19 numbers. I have noticed that there are some people that are wearing masks more frequently now, a recent investigation completed of COVID-19 cases has shown that close to 40% of the cases were in people that were fully vaccinated. This is important to note because of the new variants, it going to be important for people to continue to wear a mask again.

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There have been over 100 people in the hospital with COVID-19 reported since September 5, which is stable. I guess you can call that good news, I just hope that people will continue to stay safe so we can truly get over this mess once and for all. Booster shots for both vaccines will be available, so whichever side of the fence you are on, just stay safe.

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