There are many people in Buffalo that are thinking about the suggested third booster shot now that the Delta Variant is really picking up speed all over the United States. Now, according to, the Food and Drug Administration is expected to give full approval to Pfizer-BioNTech's two-dose coronavirus vaccine next week. The companies currently have emergency use from the Food and Drug Administration. What this means is, the current vaccines can be given approval for the use of a non-FDA medical product when there are no adequate approvals and no available alternatives.

Who's Eligible For The Vaccine?

Right now, all adults over the age of 16, experts are hoping now that there will be an official approval, this will kick-start more people being vaccinated. There are cities like New York and New Orleans that have mandated vaccines for many indoor activities like eating in restaurants and going to gyms. This could become the norm for other businesses as well. I have talked with many people that believe that they will be getting vaccinated with the third booster shot, although there is a lot of different information floating around out there about the timing of the vaccines and when you should actually need a third shot.

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I can see how this can be a little confusing to people that have shots and are not sure how long that their antibodies actually stay in their system, honestly, it's confusing to me as well. Like many people, I'm anxiously waiting for all of us to get to the finish line.


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