Last night we had our Haunted Bus Tour, which gave us the opportunity to visit two of the scariest haunts in Buffalo--the House of Horrors/Haunted Catacombs and Frightworld. It was a really great time for everyone who got to go, and gave us the opportunity to get up-close and personal with our listeners, and get scared silly at the same time.

Can't say enough about the houses themselves, though. These are award-winning haunted attractions, and the production value is absolutely off the charts. From the constructions of the haunted houses themselves to the effort that goes into scaring the daylights out of the guests with movie-quality special effects and makeup.

One of our promotions managers Stephanie even got to experience what it's like to be transformed from a normal person into a disturbingly-convincing member of the army of the undead. Check out her full transformation!

House of Horrors/Haunted Catacombs and Frightworld are open through Halloween, so be sure to make your way over there if you like to be scared!

Special thanks to makeup artists Stephanie and Bryce for helping us out--check out more of their work on Instagram!

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