Soon, you'll need to bring your own mug to get your favorite cup of Starbucks coffee. The popular chain has announced that it will not be offering single use cups for it's customers.

According to at least one report:

The Seattle-based chain claims it is aiming to “create a cultural movement towards reusables” by 2025 – by nudging the public to get their drinks in reusable containers rather than single-use paper and plastic cups.

Get ready to bring your favorite mugs when the new policy takes affect. My wife might be one of Starbucks best customers. It doesn't matter if it is at an actual Starbucks location, (we like the new one on Camp Road in Hamburg) or the inside of Target, if we see a Starbucks it is impossible for her to pass it up.

It was recently announced that Starbucks will be offered as a curbside delivery at select Target locations around the country. All of this is happening and more and more Starbucks employees are organizing and unionizing. It is a trend that started in Buffalo and seems to be gaining strength around the nation.

While we wait for the single use era to end, you will most likely see our family at a Starbs drive thru. You'll know it's us of there are lots of cake pops coming through the window.

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