It's been a long past 15 months for amusement park enthusiasts in Western New York. For starters, Fantasy Island permanently closed last February (although there's hope it's resurrected), which was a huge surprise to many in Western New York.

Six Flags Darien Lake did not open at all during the spring and summer of 2020, due to COVID-19 restrictions in New York State, but Darien Lake did reopen for the 2021 season last week.

Those attending have to buy tickets online and pick the date they wish to attend, but in accordance with the latest CDC recommendations and guidelines, you do not have to wear a mask if you're fully vaccinated.

But what's new with the park this year? For one, it appears one of the most popular rides at Darien Lake will not open in 2021 and its future is uncertain after this summer.

According to the Facebook group page, Six Flags Darien Lake Connissoeurs, the Giant Wheel ride has a sign that says it's 'retired' and will not reopen for the 2021 season. Future alternatives will be evaluated.

According to people who have attended the last week, it appears Grizzly Run is also not going to reopen, for at least 2021. It's boarded up and fenced off.

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This is a huge bummer. I have so many memories of The Giant Wheel at Darien Lake. It's pretty old, but it gave you a nice relaxing break from the roller coasters and a GREAT view of the entire park and surrounding area.

I'm hoping it's able to return but if this is the end, it was a great run for The Giant Wheel.

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