If you went to Six Flags Darien Lake in 2021, then you might already know that the huge Ferris Wheel was not opened last summer.

Visitors passes a sign that said The Giant Wheel was retired and had a great run for 38 years serving guests for Darien Lake. Word spread to Western New York that the huge Ferris Wheel at Darien Lake might be gone forever.

While that was always the plan, it became a reality on Thursday to anyone holding out hope. The Giant Wheel at Six Flags Darien Lake is now being dismantled, according to WKBW.

Officials at Six Flags Darien Lake confirmed the ride was indeed no more, but added that they plan to add future rides to the park and chances are a new ride will take its place in the near future.

The Giant Wheel was retired and dismantled because it had reached the end of its shelf life. Still, it’s sad to see one of the park’s most beloved rides dismantled like that. Would the same fate await rides like Predator, The Viper or The Ride of Steel?

Maybe a new Ferris Wheel will be put in the spot The Giant Wheel once held. It’s a great spot for a ride and it overlooks the entire park and nearby water. It really was a perfect location for a huge Ferris Wheel.

What memories of The Giant Wheel do you have?

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