Jerry Sandusky was convicted yesterday on 45 of 48 counts of Sexual Abuse against CHILDREN!!!!!!  He'll spend the rest of his liofe in prison...GUARANTEED...after receiving a sentence totaling 442 Years.

What the hell is this guys brain made of.... UNREAL!  I just can't imagine what he was thinking or IS THINKING.  442 Years in prison is not enough as far as I'm concerned.  he gets to spend the rest of his life around what he likes.... a bunch a guys!!!!

I'm serious!  Put that dude in a kennel or, instead of 442 Years, give him 442 days in the custody of Mike Tyson or one of those Zombie Face Eating People.  I know what I'm saying sounds comical and humorous but I'm VERY SERIOUS!  He sexually molested KIDS!!!!  I can see why prisoners don't take to kindly to perverts like this.  if he had molested one of my kids he would NEVER MAKE TO HIS 1ST DAY IN PRISON... I'd rather spend the time in and get at him rather than have him get to be even uncomfortable in prison.  Nasty ^&#$%!!!!!  EWWWW!

Here's video of the Breaking News Report regarding his Conviction: