If you haven't been paying attention Rush Limbaugh a popular right wing radio host has come under fire for making a comment  he called Georgetown Law student Sandra Fluke a “slut” and a “prostitute. 

People have taken to social media and attacked Limbaugh through attacking his show sponsors which is really the only way to make a statement. Rush's latest ploy to get out of the hot seat is to blame HIP HOP. Here is what he posted on his web site."

"You talk about a double standard. One of the greatest illustrations of it is that rappers can practically say anything they want about women, and it's called art."

Rush really ? Your like the kid who gets caught doing the wrong thing in school and goes to the office and says "All the other kids were doing it too".   Nobody could stand that kid and no one is really buying the excuse Rush is giving for his comments.  This is the same excuse Don Imus gave when he was caught making his racist comments nappy headed ho comments.

Bottom line is why is Hip Hop always the dumping ground for making stupid comments ?  How can you compare entertainment to a political radio show ?  If that is the case no one should take what Rush Limbaugh's take on politics seriously because we don't take Lil Wayne seriously when he talks about shooting someone.  There is an unwritten "when in doubt blame Hip Hop". 

It's sad that Hip Hop artist have all the opinion in the world when it comes to killing someone for no reason, objectifying women, using the novelty drug of choice or any other destructive behavior. I be no rapper will come out and say anything about Rush basically snitching on Hip Hop. I guess your favorite rapper isn't as gangsta as we thought they were ?