Regarding this story...please help me understand why people who are Gay have a RIGHT to get married but Rowan County Clerk, Kim Davis, DOES NOT have a RIGHT to refuse marrying them?

Aren't each of the polarizing DESIRES the RIGHT of both parties? In essence people are telling Kim Davis that her Belief in God is irrelevant, but the desires of those who do not share her Beliefs ARE relevant!  Doesn't Kim Davis have a RIGHT to "Believe In" what she Believes In?

Many argue that, "It's The Law"!!!  The response of many with strong Religious Beliefs is: Why are My Rights being stripped away in favor of another's Rights?

I think Kim Davis is within her RIGHTS to REFUSE, based on her disagreement with Gay Marriage as it relates to her Beliefs in God ... her Religious Beliefs if you will. Otherwise the message being sent is that she has NO RIGHT to Believe in God.

What's your opinion?



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