The Rochester Music Fest 2011 was FIRE! Lots of amazing acts and a crowd full of people ready to JAM. 

Brown Square Park hosted day one of the festival and though it was hot, the performances were even hotter.

I caught Al B. Sure's set and, let me tell you, he has not lost his swag. The ladies were going crazy over the classics and entranced by his newer selections.

The beautiful ladies of SWV graced the stage with such elegance! They had EVERYONE in the crowd singing along to "Weak" and not one person left the park until after they were finished with their encore song. So nice to see such legends in music still holding it down.

Day two was at the convention center and it was definitely a great turnout. Noel Gourdin (who just came to Buffalo and performed at the Tralf) laid his heart bare on the stage while Mint Condition took us back to their day. We got to see true performance musicians and how they play. It was inspiring and a great sight to see!


Here are some pictures I got from both days. Hope you'll be there next year!