Despite the fact that an audience pelted Rihanna with food during a performance in England earlier this month, the singer still feels a strong connection to her fans. The connection is so strong, in fact, that RiRi couldn't hold back the tears while performing 'Stay' during her July 20 show!

We admit that the ballad has tugged at our heartstrings, but we were still a little surprised to see the Bajan beauty lose her composure.

"Thank you so much," she told the crowd as they cheered for her. "I can't believe this s--t. You all make me so happy. This is everything that matters to me. And to stand here and feel the love in this room. The Diamonds tour is nearly coming to an end and I hate this part. I hating saying goodbye. You guys showed me so much love in this room tonight. I love you guys."

Awww, how sweet! Ever the professional, Rihanna pulled herself together and finished out the show -- but not before thanking her fans one more time.

"I don't know why the f--- I'm crying," Rihanna added. "That's crazy. Thank you so much. I love you guys. It's the Diamonds World tour, so you know we can't leave yet."