Rihanna‘s ‘We Found Love’ video doesn’t end once the steamy clip fades out. The singer is keeping the momentum going by releasing another behind-the-scenes clip from Day 2 of the video shoot (which follows her first BTS clip.)


The second video, which is about four minutes in length, shows RiRi reaching out and touching fans, literally, on Day 2 of the shoot. Young fans in Belfast are screaming  with joy when they see her and there’s a shot of RiRi making contact with them via her hands. There’s also a handful of uniform-clad school kids chanting her name. Uh-dorable! RiRi is beloved on a global scale.

The ‘What’s My Name?’ singer has such an infectious smile, and her Barbados accent is more noticeable than usual as she chats directly with the camera.

There’s also a shot of RiRi jumping up and down on a trampoline. She also reveals that she was nervous about this particular video, but then she had to step into character and play the part.

Someone on set gives direction to the extras, especially when RiRi is in the passenger seat of the muscle car, doing donuts.

RiRi also says that she wants the video to help people have hope for love, to believe in it and to see how powerful (not to mention destructive) it can be.

All in all, you’ll feel like you spent the day hanging out with Rihanna thanks to this intimate footage.

Watch Rihanna ‘We Found Love’ Behind-the-Scenes Part 2