Rico Nasty and Asian Doll were once good friends and collaborators but a beef stemming from the early half of 2017 put the two at odds indefinitely. Unfortunately, the women couldn't mend their issues, and when they came face to face Tuesday (Jan. 9), things got physical.

In 2016, the two female rappers collaborated on the sugar trap-inspired song "Amigos." Shortly after, however, Maryland-raised Rico Nasty began accusing Asian Doll, who resides in Atlanta, of biting her style, and though they admittedly share a similar sound, naturally, Asian Doll did not take her words lightly. The women continued on their respective paths without one another—while taking jabs online along the way—but once the two found themselves in the same vicinity, they immediately got into an altercation. Video of the fight has surfaced on the internet.

Though the clip, is short, Rico and Asian start throwing hands and Rico can be seen getting thrown to the ground before the videographer turns away from the scuffle. Shortly after, both rappers went on their respective social media platforms to defend themselves, with Rico posting videos showing herself seemingly unbothered. "I wanna see the rest of that video, ’cause I was smacking the shit out her ass," she told fans on her Periscope livestream.

Asian Doll explained her disheveled appearance on her own Instagram live, telling her viewers the "Key Lime OG" rapper only attempted to scratch her. She also jumped on Twitter, writing, "You hit the floor in 6secs within the fight your nigga jumped in & got rocked."

The video in question as well as their tweets and videos describing what went down can be viewed below.

See Rico Nasty and Asian Doll's Tweets About the Fight

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