We're about a month removed from the Super Bowl, but the news in the National Football League is still as busy as ever, as we inch closer to the start of free agency and the 2021 NFL Draft.

This is also the time of the offseason that we hear potential rule changes submitted from teams and the Bills have reportedly submitted what would likely be the biggest rule change of the offseason.

According to Senior NFL Reporter Albert Breer, the Buffalo Bills have submitted a rule change proposal to the NFL that would prohibit interviews of front-office and coaching positions until 'after' the conference championship games and hirings of those positions until 'after' the Super Bowl.

It makes sense the Bills submitted this rule change because they had three on their staff interviewed during the 2020 playoffs: offensive coordinator Brian Daboll, defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier and assistant GM Joe Schoen.

This would likely help any distractions for those teams in the playoffs, along with allowing those potential front-office and coaching candidates a better chance to land those jobs, since many teams make their hires before the Super Bowl.

Of all the head coaching candidates interviewed (that were involved in the conference championship games this year), zero got a head coaching job...

Owners could vote on the potential rule change this offseason. If passed, it would be a big change in how teams conduct interviews starting with the 2021 playoffs.

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I'm all for this. I think it's very telling that there were zero head coaching hires of the candidates in the two conference title games this season -- and those candidates likely deserved a head coaching gig, considering how far their teams made it in the playoffs...

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