The Buffalo Bills lost to the New York Giants in Super Bowl XXV, but the amount of love many Buffalo Bills fans showed after returning home after, it had to have felt like they won. The Buffalo Bills won the hearts of this city.

Super Bowl XXV
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I definitely was not even born yet but this just shows me how much love Buffalo has for the hometown NFL team.

More than 25,000 gathered in downtown Buffalo to cheer on the Buffalo Bills as they returned from Super Bowl XXV even though they lost 20-19. Even in this rally the crowd began to chat "We Want Scott! We Want Scott!"

Scott Norwood was the place kicker for the Bills who infamously missed a 47-yard field goal attempt with almost no time left cost the super Bowl for the Bills.

From the Chicago Tribune, as Norwood came to the mic the crown began to cheer and said

''I`ve never felt more loved than right now."

Wow, I understand where the love for the Buffalo Bills come from now. This is not overnight love for the football team this is support for what the city has to offer, win or lose I feel like Buffalo Bills fans will always be positive just to even be a part of the action.

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