Hold up, wait a minute; just when we thought summer was finished, we may be setting a record high temperature for on Friday.

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A bulletin issued by The National Weather Service today advised that we are in for some unseasonably warm weather when compared to what we're used to seeing during the middle of October.

Friday will be an unseasonably warm and pleasant late October day with high temperatures in the 70s.
NWS Buffalo

Temperatures in the mid to high 70s and sunny skies are expected for Friday before the weather turns back to what we normally would expect for this time of year. The average temperature for October is in the low to mid-50s, so we could easily see a temperature that's 20 degrees more than normal.

A warm front will lift north of the area overnight which will usher in unseasonably mild air through Friday.
NWS Buffalo

It'll be really nice to be able to get out tomorrow to enjoy the warm weather. I know I plan to let the top down and take a cruise up to The Falls or something. Whatever you decide to do, make sure you do it quickly since Saturday's weather will be back to normal. Plus, you know winter is coming soon enough.

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