Fairwell Fans Celebrate as the Buffalo Bills kick off Pre-Season with a Victory over Indiana. Check out EJ Manuel's highlight clips inside.


The Buffalo Bills got their first real chance to see what rookie quarterback E.J. Manuel was made of this Sunday. By the second quarter Manuel settled in and executed with consistency as the Bills turned an early deficit into a 44-20 victory.

“I was very proud of our team with the way we came out there,” said coach Doug Marrone who was also making his debut appearance.

Manuel went 3-5 passing for 25 yards on the first two drives, the second of which resulted in a field goal. By the end of the half he capped his hard work off with a touchdown drive.

“I just think I got more of a feel for the game, the flow of the game and things like that,” said Manuel. “The line did a great job, C.J. Spillers did an awesome job, especially early on those guys did a great job helping me get more into the game.”

- EJ Manuel

The Bills look to build on this success as they take on the Vikings next Sunday at 7:00 p.m.