As the Trayvon Martin tragedy continues the stupidity starts. This flyer above is an example of people trying to take a tragedy and use it to make MONEY. The continued stereo type of over sexed thugs who love to party are the exact reason why Trayvon Martin was killed. If you look at this flyer this is classic buffoonery. What does WE LIKE TO PARTY WEDNESDAYS have to do with a 17 year old being shot dead in the middle of the street. Absolutely nothing !

The promoter for this event is Sleazy, to actually take a tragedy like this and try to spin it into an event is horrible. A free bag of skittles get you in for FREE only before 11. The lingerie lounge will be open and FREE Wings .... This is every stereotype wrapped into one flyer. I could even give them a pass if this party was to donate money to the Martin family or a lawyer.

Trayvon's parents should sue this promoter and the club. I'm sure some people will see nothing wrong with this and have their empty bag OF SKITTLES ready for the Justice party tonight. There will probably be shooting and fighting at this party as well. This same theory goes for RAPPERS making Trayvon Martin tributes, when they were rapping about shooting someone last week. Until black people stop enforcing these stereo types there will be plenty more Trayvon Martin stories. Welcome @THEMOVE2NIGHT, Bentleys and the LINGERIE into the BIG DUMMY FILES.

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