North Carolina

J. Cole Announces Dreamville Festival
J.Cole dropped his 5th studio album last week and the album has already broken records in the streaming realm.  Cole announced the release of KOD on 4 days before the album dropped and his fans had his back.  In the first day the album scored 64...
Girl Slammed Excessively?
We haven't seen this in awhile but it's back FULL FORCE ... no pun intended :)!
This video shows an Officer slamming a High School Female Student which, according to News Reports, was prompted by a fight between two other girls which the slam victim attempted to break apart...
Should Transgenders Use Separate Bathrooms? [POLL]
North Carolina has issued a travel ban relative to travel to North Carolina due to a North Carolina law, which bars transgender individuals from using restrooms appropriate for their gender identities.
According to News Reports, this "Travel Ban" applies to all New York State agencies, depa…
Do You Agree With Same Sex Marriage?
Well it looks like North Carolina has gone against the trend in the United States and has Banned Same Sex Marriage in the State Of NC!  NYS just recently made Same Sex Marriage legal in our State.