Toronto Raptors won their very first NBA Championship this week against the Golden State Warriors 114-110! Although Golden State suffered significant setbacks with the Durant and Thompson injuries they still fought a good fight. It's safe to say the "Drake curse" is officially over!


Yung Miami
Marcus Ingram, Getty Images

"RABGAFAN" stands for some of the most popular lyrics in music right now and if you don't know what it stands for, listen to the opening bars of City Girls' "Act Up". These lyrics have ironically caused City Girls member Yung Miami receive some backlash after announcing her pregnancy on Instagram this week via a video trailer to the documentary Point Blank Period Pt. 2. Most of the backlash from what can be seen is coming from men who I'm sure felt some type of way about the raunchy lyrics lol it's known that she has been dating Hitmaker Southside but she has not confirmed the father of the baby. Congrats!


21 Savage was detained by ICE earlier this year during Superbowl weekend in Atlanta. Although released on bond as his case pends in the Immigration system he's determined to equal the political landscape that surrounds detainment of immigrants who like himself have relief from deportation and can fix their immigration status. He donated $25,000 to the Alabama-based nonprofit civil rights organization helping him with his ongoing deportation case with ICE, the Southern Poverty Law Center. He said that one out of five immigrants detained can afford representation and that's exactly what Savage's generous donation will go towards.


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