I’ve had the pleasure of knowing today’s artist on the ReddRoxx Rundown for some time now. It’s always a unique experience when you can witness someone doing what they love and continuously evolve, taking their craft to the next level. Johnny Bones is on the rise and I sat down with him to catch up and see where he’s headed next.

ReddRoxx: Thank you for sitting down with me sir! As you know, I start every ReddRoxx Rundown with the artist introducing themselves, so without further ado, let the people know who you are and where you’re from.

Johnny Bones: My Name is Johnny Bones, born and raised in Buffalo, NY

RR:  Thanks for sitting down with me Johnny. It’s great to see what’s happening in your career lately. For the people that don’t know you, give them some history behind Johnny Bones – how did you start in music or when did you first realize that you had talent?

JB: As far as I can remember I always felt I can do music, but when I attended high school others started taking notice and by their reactions I knew I had something.

RR: I always say that your peers will be your first fans. Once they give you their stamp of approval you’re already well on your way. You’ve been at this music thing for a while now having started in high school, so what are some of your biggest accomplishments thus far?


JB: My biggest accomplishment thus far has to be having my record called "Relations" aired on Snoop Dogg's web show called GGN.

RR: That’s dope! I’m sure that had to help give you some fuel to keep creating great music, so with that said, what projects are you currently working on?

JB: I’m currently working on my project called The Birth Of Johnny Bones.


RR:  Sounds interesting and looking forward to hearing it! With having accomplished something so big this early in your career and having major projects in the works, it definitely elevates your status as an independent artist and collaborations can be an additional way to go even further. If you could work with anyone at this point in your career, who would it be and why?

JB: Seeing that they’re the ones I listen to most it would be Nipsey Hussle, Kevin Gated and Starlito. Besides them, anyone who's willing to work and are serious about their craft.

RR: Great choices! Now switching back to the local scene, having experienced some success yourself, what are some of the things you feel are needed to help local artists get to the next level?

JB: Promoters bringing more events to the city but the artist themselves need a strong team behind them.

RR: Agreed. If you could give a piece of advice to another up and coming artist, what would it be?

JB: Keep working at what it is you want to do, sometimes you get sidetracked but keep your goals in sight.

RR: To keep working no matter what is invaluable advice. I know that you’re speaking off of experience so what’s your biggest motivation that keeps you working?

JB: The possibility of seeing things a lot of people around me never get to see or experience.

RR: That’ll motivate you for sure if nothing else. We’ve talked about how you started and what motivates you to make the music that you do, so now where can we hear it?

JB: I have music available for download on soundcloud and hulkshare.

RR: Cool. You seem to know where you’re headed. What’s in store in the near future for your fans?

JB: In the near future I will be sharing a stage with Young Jeezy and come June I plan on visiting LA, for networking purposes

RR: Nothing like a man with a plan! Lol Thanks again for sitting down with me and letting us get a peek inside the world of Johnny Bones. Before we head out of here, leave us with one of your favorite quotes.

JB: The human tongue is a beast that only few can master, one who cannot control his words cannot themselves and is unworthy of respect.

If you'd like to get in contact with or keep up with Johnny Bones, follow him on Twitter and Instragram @JohnnyBones_716 you can also email him at booking716bones@yahoo.com

If you’re a music artist in the WNY and you’d like to be considered for the ReddRoxx Rundown, email your info to reddroxxrundown@gmail.com!

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