You might be out taking a stroll or even looking for a good place to hunt. But, if you see purple paint on a tree in New York, you should leave the property immediately.

What Does Purple Paint On A Tree Mean?

Oftentimes, our curiosity may get the best of us while we're out walking. We might see a nice forested area that looks peaceful and calls on us to explore. If you follow your urges and end up in a wooded area, take a look around that the trees surrounding you. If you see purple paint on any of them, that's your cue to leave.

Purple paint means that you are trespassing on private property. It means the same thing as if you saw an actual sign saying "no trespassing."

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Why Use Purple Paint And Not A Sign?

For people who own large properties, especially those with secluded forest areas, keeping signs posted can be a challenge. Whether it's the wind, the elements, animals, or humans, signs can easily disappear. Purple paint on a tree is a bit harder to get rid of.

There was a Senate Bill introduced during the 2017-2018 Legislative Session that would have created a 'purple paint law' in New York State. Senate Bill S3994 was sponsored by James L. Seward. Although it never made it out of committee, the bill would have allowed,

owners of private property to post such property to prevent trespass by painting purple markings on trees or markers.

The bill was reintroduced as Senate Bill S5372 during the 2021-2022 session by Senator Peter Oberacker. It is also still in committee.

Pennsylvania Game Commission
Pennsylvania Game Commission

At least 15 states around the United States have purple paint laws on the books. Even though there isn't a purple paint law in New York State, many property owners still use purple paint to mark their trees. You may want to stay on the safe side and avoid any area where you can clearly see trees marked with purple.

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