While the 50 United States voted in the Presidential Election. A majority of Puerto Ricans voted to become the 51st State, just in time for the late Big Pun's Birthday. Celebrate with us with Pun videos inside. And a word from our Commander in Chief.

Many Puerto Ricans who favor statehood already live in U.S. states. Puerto Ricans received citizenship, along with military conscription, in 1917. Today, some 4.6 million people of Puerto Rican origin live in the United States, compared to 3.7 million on the island, according to the Pew Hispanic Center. In the words of historian Angel Collado-Schwartz, “Statehood is available to all Puerto Ricans -- you have 50 states to move to.

But with the majority of citizens living on the Island saying YES to becoming an official United State, the ball is now in Congress' court to make the call.

Twitter was ablaze with Happy Birthday Shout Outs for the Big Punisher, but Pun's birthday is actually tomorrow 11/10/12. We turn up for him on the Jazzy Drive at 5 mix-show with DJ Heat today. Here's a sample:

I'm not a player I just crush a lot!

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