Tuesday Jan 20th 2015 will go down as the night a State of the Union address broke Twitter! President Obama not only touched on key agendas for his final two years, he snapped back on hating republicans and members of Congress with his wity punch lines.

"I have no more campaigns to run. I know because I won both of them!" Watch the moment everyone was tweeting about here.

This was the most tweeted about moment of the speech!
Here are some of my personal favorite moments.

"I STILL believe that we are ONE People. I STILL believe that together we can do great things!"


7 days of Paid Sick Leave In America? This President says "Yes We Can"

The President admits our actions are causing Global Warming on the Planet!

Highest rate of job growth since 1999 and lowest high school drop out levels of all time!

What was YOUR favorite part of the speech?

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