Season 2 of 50 Cent's POWER returns to the Starz Network tonight.Omari Hardwick talks about the inspiration behind his character Ghost while his co-star Lela Loren dishes on the steamy sex scenes in this exclusive interview.

“What I thought Bill Cosby did such a great job with, and we don’t give him enough credit for it, is that it wasn’t just that he had fathered the kids that played his children, he fathered an entire generation. So what I thought was, if Ghost can be this guy that’s different and larger than life in a ‘bad way’, then let’s equal that with him being sort of a Bill Cosby who’s a drug dealing king pin. And we had never seen that before. So I went in with that sort of rhythm.”

50 cent blast Empire for copying his show! "If I wasn't me I'd copy me too"