Hate it or love it, Lil Nas X is on top. And with that has come a lot of hate from the country end and the rap side of things. If anyone knows about catching flak for the type of music he makes, it's Post Malone. He recently defended Nas X's right to make whatever kind of music he wants.

Posty was interviewed by TMZ on Saturday night (May 25) in Beverly Hills, Calif., and he was asked about many country music fans' refusal to accept the "Old Town Road" rapper, who was initially removed from the country charts for not being country enough.

"I think people should be able to, you know, make whatever the hell they want to, you know what I mean?" Post said. "Even now, in modern country, there's a bunch of 808s and shit anyway. All the country artists are rapping too, you know what I mean? I don't really necessarily see the difference."

Post also spoke on the recent backlash over Lil Nas X's deal with jeans line Wrangler. "It's just pants," Post said. "I don't understand it. Music's just fucking music and if you wear Wranglers, who gives a shit."

In other Post Malone-related news, the Texas rapper recently announced he is hopping in the weed game by starting his own marijuana line of products titled Shaboink.

Check out what Post Malone has to say about the Lil Nas X hate below.

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