There were five shootings in Buffalo this holiday weekend with six people shot.

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Over the 4th of July weekend, there were five shootings around Buffalo, according to WKBW.  Buffalo police are investigating the shootings:

1st Shooting: A man was shot near Fillmore Avenue and Urban Street around 11 pm on Saturday.  The victim was taken to Erie County Medical Center is listed in serious condition.

2nd Shooting:  A woman was shot in the foot near Peace Street and Block Street around 1:30 am Sunday.  She was transported to ECMC and released.

3rd Shooting: A man, who was shot in the leg on Eller Avenue, was brought to ECMC by car around 2:30 am Sunday.  He is listed in stable condition.

4th Shooting: At around 2:50 am Sunday, a man was brought to ECMC by car.  He was shot on Domedion Avenue.  He is listed in stable condition.

5th Shooting: A man and a woman were shot on Goodyear Avenue around 4:30 am Sunday.  Neither suffered life-threatening injuries.



"We need to get people with guns off the streets immediately. We have had an unusually high number of shooting incidents since last month. There are members of the community who know the people responsible for these shootings and we need them to come forward before more people are injured by gunfire." ~ Captain Jeff Rinaldo via WKBW

This news comes on the heels of multiple shootings in June.  Police have said that 55 people have been shot since June, an average of more than one person per day!

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