Ladies, you are in for a treat, cause your favorite male R&B and Rap artists dropped some sexy visuals for your enjoyment this NewTube Thursday!

Kendrick Lamar & Drake star in the 2013 motion picture "Poetic Justice" and Wale puts in work in "No Days Off". Watch out SoSo Def Artist Jarvis bout to "Make a Little Room" for Finally Famous Rapper SAYITAINTTONE whose finally ready to reveal what ADBOMD stands for.


Kendrick Lamar- Poetic Justice ft. Drake

I am a huge fan of the song and since it took so long for a video to drop, I thought the video would be amazing! After watching it, ehhh it was ok. I wanted to see a playoff of the movie Poetic Justice and maybe have a feature of Janet Jackson somewhere (wishful thinking I know). But instead of wowing me, the video left me a little confused. The beginning starts off in slow motion and it pretty much stays that way throughout the video. However, it’s always nice to see some Drake. Despite what I think, you should definitely view it and see for yourself!

Wale- No Days Off

This video by Wale is something different. Instead of him performing the song throughout the whole video, instead it’s a preview to the everyday life of Wale. He had a documentary came out and this video is a preview to what the documentary is about. It shows him interacting with fans, performing on stage, or just clowning around with other artists. Kind of dope…check it!


ADBOMD! SAYITAINTTONE hits us with a video to his hot new single heard exclusively inside the #JazzyDriveAt5. The video is definitely hilarious, frightening and entertaining at the same time. Only thing that's missing is a cameo from the homie Big Sean. Check out what ADBOMD really stands for.

Jarvis- Make A Little Room

Tulsa, OK native Jarvis drops the video for his smash hit “Make A Little Room”. The song is really cute and the video is just as cute to match it. The video features a little storyline while he and a leading lady display some acting skills. Take a look!

Be sure to check them out and tune in next week for another set of Newtube Thursday!

##### BONUS #####

Ceelo Green – Only You ft. Lauriana Mae

Only Youuuuuuu Ceelo Green can come up with these songs! It’s actually a good song if you’re into pop/bluegrass/a mix of techno and r&b. The video is quite interesting. It features the two artists trying to find each other in a topsy-turvy city. Take a look!