I AM GOING TO SAY SOMETHING VERY UNPOPULAR IN BUFFALO: Pizza Hut is good. In fact, nowhere in Buffalo has better stuffed crust than Pizza Hut did. Pizza Hut shut down all of its stores here in Western New York in 2020.

Now, you probably could have assumed 2 things:

  • that the pandemic caused the closure of the Pizza Huts, as it did to a lot of other restaurants in Western New York.
  • OR, Buffalo, New York pizza forced pizza hut out. It is no secret that Buffalo pizza is in its own league. Buffalo is KNOWN for pizza. Great pizza. So, you could assume that all of the great options in Buffalo drove Pizza Hut out of here.

Pizza Hut is making its way back to Western New York this Summer! In Western New York, Pizza hut will have at least 10 new locations by the end of the year. The thing is: are they actually going to have their iconic red roofs? It doesn't seem like this. The first Pizza hut that we have seen the sign for is in Depew.

Pizza Hut New Location

4770 Transit Road, Depew, New York 14043

Pizza Hut on Transit will be located in the Starbucks plaza on the corner of Transit and French in the old Subway on the far north corner of the plaza. Now, it is certainly not a big location in there so, how will it be handled? Will it be an express Pizza Hut location? There used to be tables in the old Subway, but not many.

The closes Pizza Hut express is in the Target just down the street in Depew.

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