If you can get through the entire school year without a single fight at one Southwest Philadelphia school, then you’ll get cash money at graduation!

According to Yahoo, Mitchell Elementary School is trying out a new way to keep their eighth graders from fighting. If students keep their hands to themselves for the full academic year, they get $100 before they walk across the stage.

Principal Stephanie Andrewlevich is calling this monetary incentive “managing behavior.” Although there are people on both sides of the argument, it appears to be working because only eight percent of the students were suspended this year. That is down 17 percent from last year.

Wait its not down 100% from last year? I am confused,

LISTEN 8th Grade all I have to do is behave, not get into any fights, and i get to take $100 home at the end of the year. I Know i would stop the antics for money, What about you?

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