Looking at the list of what may not reopen under phase four, you might be disappointed like me. Here's what might and what might not reopen, under what was supposed to be the last phase of reopening and why it's not enough for me.

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"Not everything will be out. So if you see a category that does not fit, it's possible that it's not going to make Phase 4. But I also want people to know that the after Phase 4, we won't be having official phases anymore. But the categories or entities or industries that have not been addressed will be continued to be studied. And that information will be forthcoming on a different basis for gyms and health clubs." ~ New York State Lt. Governor, Kathy Hochul, via WGRZ

Guidelines have been posted for the types of businesses that can reopen during Phase four, according to WIVB. What's not included is shopping malls, gyms or movie theaters. I am disappointed by that. Even though I am personally not in a rush to head back to the gym (even though I could stand to lose my quarantine 15), I do think that Western New Yorkers deserve to have their choice in where they go at this point. Here in WNY, we put in the work to 'stop the spread,' over the past few months. People are now well-aware of the risks and I think they should be able to decide for themselves if they want to head out to the gym or if they aren't comfortable.

I also think that if other retail stores are open, the malls should also be able to reopen. I understand that malls have the shared indoor space, but I think we are at the point, again, where people can decide on whether they want to take the risk, for themselves. Now, I can tell you that I won't be going to movie theaters anytime soon, but if the theaters are making people wear masks, socially distance and are doing their part to clean and sanitize, I think they should be able to reopen under phase four.

Under phase four of reopening, as laid out by New York Forward, the following businesses can reopen at 25 percent capacity:

-film production
-higher education

Buffalo Soul Food, BBQ and Caribbean Restaurants

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