Recently, a pastor from the Empowerment Temple in Baltimore, MD...PASTOR JAMAL H. BRYANT...delivered a sermon in which he used a line from a Chris Brown song that has left him "UNDER FIRE"!!!

Many believe the use of the lyrics, which includes the word "HOE", was inappropriate. However, Pastor Bryant contends that the same people who are incensed by the use of the word in church during his sermon are the people who KNOW and LISTEN to the song when they're not in church.

He contends that the mere fact that they KNOW the song supports his using it in order to reach people, especially younger people, by incorporating things of the world they are familiar with.

Do you think it's offensive? Is the Church "OLD" and "BEHIND THE TIMES"? Has TRADITION" gotten the best of "The Church," or do you believe that "OLD TIME RELIGION" still works???