Sweet Brown definitely Ain't Got Time for Bronchitis this award season. She is too busy walking the red carpet and flying out to other celebrity appearances after she became a YouTube sensation 10 months ago.

“Started from the bottom, now we here!” Look at Sweet Brown basking in the California sun at the Oscars!!


If you’re not familiar with Sweet Brown, she was thrust into stardom after an Oklahoma City news crew interviewed her about a fire in her apartment complex, to which she replied

“Aint nobody got time for dat!”

Check out the original report and remix of the report below…

Not only did this situation get her instant fame, with over 20,000,000 views on YouTube, it also resulted in the Sweet Brown T-shirt line, a song with Will.I.Am, reality TV show offers -- including a co-host spot on the hit show Cheaters


Check out this video that shows her talking about all of her business thanks to her agent.

Even upcoming rapper GB Cortez pays homage to Ms. Brown in “Time For That”!

It’s crazy how fast you can become instantly famous! First Antoine Dodson with “Hide yo kids, hide yo wife,” and now Sweet Brown. You gotta love America!