The attorney of Tyrone Lamont Allen is working to get his client’s case tossed after it was discovered that police reportedly used photoshop to remove his face tattoos, so that he could be identified in a police lineup after being accused in a string of bank and credit union robberies despite none of the tellers saying they saw tattoos on the face of the man who robbed them.

“I basically painted over the tattoos,” police forensic criminalist Mark Weber testified. “Almost like applying electronic makeup.” Police then presented the altered image of Allen along with photos of five similar-looking men to the tellers so that they could identify him as the suspect.

The Attorney of Lamont said

“It’s unbelievable to me that police would ignore the fact that no teller has described a person with glaring tattoos and make this man into a possible suspect by covering them up,” he said. “They’re increasing the risk of mistaken identity.’’

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