One woman was extremely proactive after getting her Instagram account banned on the social media platform.

An OnlyFans star alleges she hooked up with multiple employees at Meta, the umbrella company for Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and others, to get her account back... and it worked.

Kitty Lixo spilled the confession on the No Jumper podcast after host Adam John Grandmaison asked her, "What's the sluttiest thing you've ever done?"

She revealed she had sexual intercourse with a Facebook employee she knew so he would unblock her account.

Watch the interview here:

"He taught me what the review process is like when you get your Instagram shut down and which departments work on which things," she told the host.

She added the employee told her Meta's "Integrity Department" handles account bans and has the ability to restore them.

After her account was blocked, she began to search her friend's Instagram connections for those who work for Meta, especially in the specific department.

She tried to message them via LinkedIn, and when she didn't get any response, she took an alternate route.

"So, I stalked them on Instagram through my backup but still slutty account," she continued. "I managed to find a couple [employees)] not from that department but still people that worked at Instagram in LA."

Lixo alleged she met up "with a couple" employees in the LA area, explaining they knew about her podcast.

"We met up and I f---ed a couple of them and I was able to get my account back two, three times," she said, urging others with locked accounts to continue reaching out to the platform for eventual ban reversal.

Users commented on the clip, applauding Lixo for her hack.

"I literally respect her so much for this," one person wrote, while another commented: "This got me LOLing at the hoops one has to go through to get an account back.... sleep with the whole department."

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