Last Friday I had the great opportunity to speak at the City of Buffalo and Mayor Byron Brown new “Game Changers” program, an eight-week youth basketball camp aimed at empowering Buffalo’s neediest youth through basketball training and life skill workshops which is meant to steer 10 to 18 year old's away from drugs and crime.


While there I shared my story with the youth while encouraging the importance of education, daring to dream and why everyone in the world should be a "Go Getta".  What I loved most is that the students where very engaged asked questions and now have took on the "Go Getta" spirit and learn how to JUST A.S.K (Ask, Seek, Knock)

When I spoke the program was in its 6th week and have had over 70 youth in attendance every Friday at the Delevan and Moselle Community center.

Supported by officials from the city of Buffalo and Drug Enforcement Administration, by the looks of the dedicated students,  this program is truly making a change already. I was just so happy to be used to help the youth. Big S/O to Mayor Byron Brown and Mr. Otis Barker thank you so much for the invite!



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