It's been two years since the release of the original '6 Ringz,' and now OJ Da Juiceman is back with the second installment. Looking to set the internet ablaze with this Trap-A-Holics assisted project, the Juiceman returns to make that good ol' trap music.

Boasting production from Atlanta's go-to-producer for bangers, Lex Luger, Da Juiceman boasts his usual flossy, dopeman talk. As he's never been known for being lyrical, this project isn't as disappointing as one may think.

On 'Ballin Out the Gym' OJ gloats that he's balling as hard as your favorite NBA stars without ever playing in the league -- must suck for those dudes at the end of the bench. Rhyming, "Rivers, Dwayne Wade / I be selling cane / Leverage Kobe Bryant / Pockets on LeBron James / I’m ballin' out the gym watch me do my thing / Six rings on me / Never played in NBA," Da Juiceman doesn't need the NBA; he can make just as much money in the trap.

The standout track from this effort is 'Pimp C.' The track samples the hook from the late UGK rapper Pimp C from his classic 'Pourin Up' for yet another great hook. What Da Juiceman lacks in lyrics, he makes up for in ear-grabbing hooks, as was his "Quarter brick, half a brick, whole brick, aye," from his memorable 'Make the Trap Say Aye.' This is one of those songs that'll make you hop in the Chevy wit the "buff," and ride through your town.

'6 Ringz Vol. 2' may not have award-winning bars and punchlines, but what it lacks in lyrics, it makes up for in bravado and staying trill.



Listen to OJ Da Juiceman's '6 Ringz Vol. 2' Mixtape



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