Police are supposed to be there to help and protect us citizen from crime. What’s scary to me is the fact that even though the police are well trained they are still human and they too can sometimes let their emotions get the better of them – that was the case for this Houston police officer with a case of road rage.

An off-duty cop got upset at a woman for cutting him off and allegedly fired his gun into her window, hitting her in the head.

Now Houston Police Officer Kenneth Caplan is charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, according to Click2Houston.

The woman, whose name was not released by the station, said the bullet grazed the left side of her head, allowing her to avoid a major injury.

"I feel like I got a taste of death, honestly," she told the station. "My heart was slowing down and I couldn't really breathe."

The incident took place on Nov. 11. The woman said Caplan cut her off so she did the same to him. That got him so upset, she said, that he pulled out his gun and fired into her vehicle.


I'm so happy the women shot was not majorly injured and that the cop involved was arrested and charged. What can be done - if anything to stop police from abusing their authority? Click Link above for the full story and video. Also stay connected with me @SteelBoutMoney

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