This over talked  about topic of bullying has finally put me in a situation where i can't hold back anymore. I have tried to ignore the back and forth between so called bullies, the bullied, the parents, and the professionals.

However it's just getting a lil crazy with the so called resolutions to solve this so-called problem. Now I'm fully aware that I might offend people with my beliefs and opinions regarding "bullying" , the truth is I'm a living testament and recipient of being both the "bully" and "bullied", just like evey other kid growing up in the neighborhood and era that I grew up in. We were no different from any other kid.  We bled, cried, and got hurt just like other kids.

This is the "Nokout" resolution to solve the bullying. If the kid being bullied is much smaller than the kid doing the bullying, find something with some heavy object. prefebly a brick and crack it right over his forhead. I gaurentee this kid will never bother you again. Not only that but you will have so much more self-respect that everybody else is going to be forced to respect you also.

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