A video from a local roofing company broke the internet over the weekend. 

Bigger Roofing was founded in 2012 and has serviced the entire Niagara, Ontario region over the last decade. The founder, Josh, has over 25 years of experience, according to their website, outlining a clear goal in mind for his roofing company.

“That every customer would be treated like family, each roof would be treated as their own, and give each project 100% effort, care and impeccable workmanship. “ 

Well, I’m sure that applies to everyone…except liberals, of course. 

Josh, owner of Bigger Roofing in Niagara, Ontario shared a video online, and it quickly found its home on Twitter. 

Read the transcription below.

“Just another really expensive roof. Uh, liberal’s driving a BMW, so I charge another 15 grand, and uh…yeah. That’s what you get for being liberal. (laughs) I don’t care if they watch this video either way because there’s no one else to roof because your liberal government made everybody lazy by giving them *expletive* serves so nobody wants to work. So I can treat people like *expletive*, act like a *expletive*, and, um, they’re still going to pay me for their expensive *expletive*, whether they like it or not. And they got to pay 25% more because they’re liberal, so…welcome to the real world.”

The real world? Actually, the “real world” would feature maturity in business relationships and partnerships, even if you don’t agree with them politically.

It’s sad to see that someone who runs a business would do that to his customers. It doesn’t really sound like “every customer would be treated like family,” unless you are the kind of person in your family that starts political fights at the Thanksgiving dinner table.

Bigger Roofing may have “impeccable workmanship,” but you can’t tell me that this company performs each and every roofing task with the same “100% effort” and “care” as their company’s mission suggests. 

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