Stupid is as stupid does, I think Forest Gump's mom said it the best. That is why the Big Dummy Files exist, and the latest entry into the BIG DUMMY FILES is the Niagara Falls man who tried to pay for food at Denny's with marijuana. According to Buffalo News this happened at the Denny's on Niagara Falls Boulevard Sunday morning 5/27 a man ordered a take-out dinner early Sunday and tried to pay for it with a bag of marijuana. The man ordered $9.91 worth of food and offered a cashier $1 and the pot in exchange for the meal. This isn't a even trade the marijuana was probably worth more than the meal.

The cashier refused (weed doesn't pay any bills), so the man then went outside and tried to sell it to other customers who were entering the restaurant. When the man figured out the cashier had called the police he ran into the woods high and hungry. People like this are the reason why marijuana is illegal. If marijuana isn't addictive and doesn't make you do stupid things how do you explain this ? This man actions sound and look like crack head behavior.

The employees at the restaurant knew the mans name and police are looking for him now. I hope the police find him because there is no telling what this man will do to crave his munchies after getting high. Welcome this BIG DUMMY into the BIG DUMMY FILES.