I cant speak for anyone else but I'm a dog lover thru and thru so anybody that hurts dogs I feel should be locked up.

Allegedly a man from Niagara Falls is facing felony charges for cutting the ears off of puppies.



Michael Anthony Paonessa, 45, was arrested earlier this week for allegedly cutting the ears off of seven puppies. A Niagara County Grand Jury will now hear the case.

Dog Control Officer David Bower said the owner of the young dogs gave them to Paonessa to have their ears cut and cropped, a practice he described as a popular 'look' for pit bull dogs and puppies.

"If you're cutting a dog's ears off without the proper anesthesia and without it being in a medical facility where it can be properly done so these animals aren't suffering it's brutal," Bower said.

This all happened about a month ago but wasn't reported to police until last week.

Niagara Falls police say the owner of the dogs allowed this to happen to save some money and had been breeding American bullies and wanted their ears cut off.

REPORTER: Why even do that?

"It's a cosmetic, it's for an appearance sake for the most part that's why it was done," Bower said. "She just knew this guy I guess from the street or whatever and knew that he does this.

REPORTER: So he has absolutely no certifications, no qualifications whatsoever to trim the ears of dogs?

"No, this has to be done through a veterinary clinic," Bower said. "Apparently one of the puppies, the ears became so infected and inflamed that they had to take it to a veterinarian clinic the owner of the dog did."

Bower said the puppies are recovering from their injuries. Police tell us the six other puppies appear to be in good health.

We attempted to speak to Paonessa at an address he has. But no one answered the door.

REPORTER: Many people would question why she would bring these dogs to Mr. Paonessa allegedly?

"She paid him $250 to do all seven dogs. A veterinary office will average price $350 per dog," Bower said.

REPORTER: Where are the puppies now?

"They are still with the owner of the dog," Bower said.

It'll be up to the Niagara County DA's office as to whether any additional charges will be filed.

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