The infamous "red house" in Niagara Falls is a party house and the scene of a murder.

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Credit: WKBW

The red house, which is located on Highland Avenue in Niagara Falls, has been problematic for leaders in the City, according to WKBW. Chief Thomas Licata of the Niagara Falls Police Department told Channel 7,

“Recently it’s become another problem."

The red house was the scene of a homicide on Sunday, September 13. Clyde Coleman was found dead on the property. He died of a gunshot wound, according to WKBW. Niagara Falls Mayor, Bob Restaino, said that even though it has been used as a "speakeasy," the red house is indeed a house.

“We are aware of the problems going on there. It stands as a house, and exists as a house.”

James Mallory Jr., who purchased the property in 2014 for $750, is accused of hosting parties on the property, which has no city services, such as no hot water. After the recent homicide, the City did condemn the house due to safety concerns and the lack of hot water, a smoke detector, and other violations. However, because it is a private residence, the state liquor authority does not monitor the parties held at the red house. Chief Licata said they are considering other options to shut the red house down.

“We’re looking at some other avenues of criminal charges. We have other investigations that we’ll see where they go.”

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