Niagara Falls residents have convenient access to a Boxing Program that's open to all ages and genders.  The Niagara Falls Fightnight Club has been in existence since 1998, according to news stories.  The program is great for kids in terms of learning self-defense, but even more valuable in the way of teaching discipline, self-discipline, and discipline when it pertains to authority.

The WIVB news story states that the program creators are a Niagra Falls Police Officer, Gabriel Gonzalez, and his brother Michael who is an executive at Roswell Comprehensive Cancer Center.  Gonzales said this regarding the program,

“Kids, teenagers, grown ups, whoever wants to come give it a try"

According to the news story, Gonzales started boxing at the age of 15:

“For me, it just started off as a work out, then it got to the technique thing I loved, how to throw the punches, how to defend, which way to move when you’re throwing a punch,” he explained. “There’s a real science to it that people don’t really grasp until you’ve done it.”


If you have interest in becoming a Fightnight Boxing Club Member, click the link below for all the info 

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